You received your record, now what?

The time has finally come. You put everything into producing your album and you are ready for the world to hear it. The only problem is that you don’t know where to start. It’s so important to understand which platforms are the best to use, and more importantly how to get the exposure your music deserves, which is why we are breaking it down for you in 5 easy steps. 


Step 1: Cover artwork

There is no doubt that your music is worth listening to, but the world doesn’t know that yet, and your album cover art is how you convince them that you are worth their time. Investing in good artwork gives you an opportunity to communicate the incredible sounds and emotions your listeners will experience by streaming your album. It’s your chance to visually share with the world who you are and what you are all about. Like many musicians, you may already be a talented artist or know someone with the ability to create stunning graphics. If that’s you, great- time to get busy. If that’s not you, don’t sweat it, there are plenty of online sites that can assist you with this process. Here are 3 of our favorites:

1 – Adobe Spark:

Adobe Spark makes it easy to design custom cd cover photos. No design skills necessary.

2 – Postermywall

Postermywall allows users to customize a template and easily publish the album cover art to online music distributors

3- Canva

Canva gives users the power to design a CD cover that reflects their artistic flair with our range of premium templates that are free to personalize and perfect for every artist and genre.


Step 2: Music/Lyric Video

One of the newer types of content being capitalized on by record labels are lyric videos because they are a free and quick way to distribute music to the masses through one of the largest video streaming sites, YouTube. This means that musicians like you no longer need to spend hundreds of thousands on high quality production costs to film music videos. With websites like lyric video makers you can even create beautiful lyric videos on your own. There are various online companies offering lyric video creation services at reasonable prices. Another great option is finding talent on sites like Fiverr and behance, although we have had better luck negotiating reasonable rates on Fiverr with quality artists overseas. 

Step 3: Finding a Distributor

Finding a good music distributor can make your life a dream or turn it into a total nightmare if you’re not careful. Now is the time when you need to be brutally honest with yourself and evaluate how much you know and understand about promotions, music platforms and services, as well as your budget. It’s important to consider how much time you have on your hands and how involved you’d like to be in the distribution of your music. The worst thing you could do is rush into signing up with the first distributor you come across without understanding what they can actually do for you. It is important to find a distributor that has both a good global reach and a broad understanding of international markets. You should also look for a distributor that is fair, flexible and can provide you with the type of support you need. Make sure you understand what the distributors core values are and make sure they align with your own. 

Step 4: Time to Distribute your Music

Congratulations! Not only have you succeeded to create a beautiful album, but you have given it a face through a stunning album cover, breathed life into it with a uniquely beautiful music/lyric video and found the perfect distributor for your music. It’s now time for the world to hear your music. Your distributor will handle both the licensing and distribution of your music to the platforms of your liking, and they will pay you any royalties you receive from fans streaming your music. Each distributor will have its own pay structure, but usually, they make money by collecting a flat fee from you or taking a percentage of your earnings.  


Step 5: Communication is Key

We cannot stress this enough, keeping an open line of professional communication with your distributor is a must! Sometimes this can be stressful because your distributor will be your main line of distribution and communication with the platforms you are using to reach your fans, so it’s important to make sure that whoever you choose will be available to offer you the support you need. Because we are artists ourselves, we understand how valuable this level of support is and we go out of our way to make sure our clients needs are being taken care of at all times. No matter what step of the process you are in, we are always here to answer your questions, listen to your frustrations and help you achieve your goals. We are experienced distributors, but we are also artists and at the end of the day, we’re no different than you. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime, and a member of our team will be there to guide you every step of the way. 



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